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Seven years ago, I gave up public speaking and writing on scholarships and financial aid in order to concentrate on my other business, and online textbook company I eventually sold. Part of me always regretted it, as it was the job I enjoyed more than any other before it and after it. In 2005, the economy was booming, and the recession hadn’t begun. College was a bit cheaper, and more aid was available to student. But in 2012, the cost of college has skyrocketed. Aid programs such as Pell Grants, and state level tuition waivers have failed to keep up, and in many states decreased.

After a roller coaster career ride over the last ten years, I feel it is time to finally do the thing I loved the most; helping others help themselves. The College Money Man, is to become my new alter ego. This blog, is meant to distill 7 years of managing financial aid and accumulating over $250,000 in funds, into manageable pieces so others can learn. Feel free to email me at collegemoneyman at gmail dot com with any question you may have, or feel free to leave them in the comments section.


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