Weird Scholarship of the Week

Jimmy Beans Wool loves people who crochet and knit. They especially love their young college age customers who also love to knit. So much so that they have introduced a scholarship for those thar crochet. You can download the Application from their website in PDF.

Here are a few tips for scholarships such as this that you should keep in mind:
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1) Stand Out – Scholarships from small to midsize companies are a very personal endeavor for those involved. Its not unusual for an owner to be involved as a part of the process. After all, businessmen and women typically want close accounting of each dollar spent, and tend to make sure they invest it well. This is not a large fund that awards hundreds of people each year. Therefore it is critical to be accurate, complete , and to stand out.

2) Be Concise – This scholarship allows for an essay of no more than 500 words. Often this is device to not only keep things concise, but to get to sample your ability to communicate effectively. Consider it the elevator pitch for the funds you want. Be concise and to the point, by excising the words we use to try to impress people, like excise and concise! Use the word count function in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to make sure you stay on track.

3) Pay Attention to the Qualifying Criteria – Remember that scholarships that use only a few qualifying criteria will get a diverse pool of applicants. However people often forget however about the main qualifying criteria and leave it as an after thought. DONT DO THAT! Remember, this is a wool and yarn company. Crocheting and knitting matters to them. Showcase your best work in the pic you send, and be specific about your pattern method. Use clear terms that are understandable to this particular group about your work to be concise, accurate, and relevant. The more unique the work, the better.


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