Unique Scholarship of the Week

You remember that when you were a kid, you would have loved working in a candy store? Well imagine if you worked later in life in a candy factory. Confections are a a year industry that employ’s people. The industry is just as keen as any other to attract, develop, and retain the best workers to help drive growth. That’s where industry groups, such as the American Association of Candy Technologists come into play. Focusing on the management and advancement of technology within the industry, the group offers a scholarship to those with interest, experience, or education in confectionary technology. If you fit the criteria, head over to their website and download the application. A couple of quick tips to keep in mind for association based scholarships and grants:

1) Depth Matters: trade groups that fund these scholarships are not only offering them as an altruistic endeavor; they often have a secondary (or even primary) purposes of attracting, recruiting, and retain talent. However the depth and breadth of experience you bring within the industry matters a great deal. If you have worked in the industry, and are in college focusing on production technology related to the industry, you stand a better chance of winning.

2) Remember Your Audience: It’s important that applicants always keep in mind who the judges are in such contests. They are likely to be people that a great deal of experience and are enthusiastic about their profession. It is important to be just as enthusiastic if you meet the criteria. It is good to include a specific experience that led you to choice of such an industry. For example, if you want to be a lawyer specializing in environmental law, talking about how the Gulf Oil Spill inspired you is a great way to transmit your enthusiasm off the page and into the readers mind.

Good luck, good hunting!


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