Unusual Scholarship of the Week: United States Bowling Congress

Most athletic scholarships are awarded directly by schools. But for bowlers, this is rarely seen. However, for the Youth Members of the United States Bowling Congress opportunities abound.
United States Bowling Congress offers seven scholarships for bowlers of both genders to that have been accepted to or are enrolled in college. Scholarships such as this are Membership Based, and therefore a few things are important to remember;
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1)Membership has Its Privileges – Several other organizations offer similar scholarships such as the National Strength and Condition Association, however membership is a prerequisite. Often, they require of membership of one year minimum before you are eligible to apply. So if you are not into bowling at all, or have no experience, don’t join just to apply. However, if you are true bowling enthusiast, why not join and take part. You have nothing to lose as it adds to your resume and extracurriculars, and makes you eligible to apply later.

2)Depth Matters – Being a member has its privileges; but just as any organization, the more involved, the better. So if you can, get involved with events, be a local club officer or an active competitor.

3)Don’t Ignore The Essay So you are a long time member, local club secretary and regional champion; you are at least ahead of the game. But don’t lose focus and think your qualifications sell you alone. You still need to use the essay to make your case why you are the best investment. Keep in mind the fact you will be competing with other members, people who likely have similar drive and work ethic; so the competition will be tougher with so many highly qualified applicants.


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