Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship: Unusual Scholarship of the Week:

A quick shout out to SuperJustice on Tumblr for finding this one here. I thought I had seen it all, but this one I LOVE!!!!!! A scholarship based on your knowledge of Bruce Lee!

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Scholarship: Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship Type: Open, non-major/career based, specific focus
Award Amount: $1000
Due Date: June 15, 2012

The Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship is a general non-career based scholarships focused targeted towards motivated individuals with a knowledge base and philosophy similar to Bruce Lee. I have to agree with SuperJustice when I say this is a subject that should have been taught in high school if they expected me to study! Being a huge fan, and having read his book I would advise applications do the following:

1) Be concise – This application is unique in that it has a lot of questions that need to be answered in paragraph format. Be concise but clear about each answer and use whatever space you need.

2) Pay attention to detail – With this many questions, it is easy to misplace a question, to forget or ignore a question or simply not answer it properly. Make sure you look at each question as an opportunity to make an impression. Mistakes tend to annoy judges who have little time on their hands.

3) Know what you are talking about – Don’t assume because you have seen Fist of the Dragon that you know Bruce Lee; I assure you that you don’t. Bruce Lee was a complex individual with an interesting past and knowledge of both western and eastern philosophies. To be precise, he majored in Philosophy in College. So take the time to read his writings before you attempt to answer specific questions. It helps to be passionate about the subject, as that will come through on your essay.



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