How To Win The Same Scholarship Year After Year: Twitter Post of the Week


He’s right, most scholarships aren’t guaranteed for four years. In fact, just like athletes, four year merit scholarships are rare.more after the jump…

Keep in mind, that each year is a new year to compete. Even I have made the error of assuming that if you win once, you will win twice. I made such an error of thinking once and regretted it. A few things to remember after you have won an award:

Long Memories – Many scholarships that allow more than one award in following years have a system to keep track of past awards. However, they also keep track of the change in your scores and GPA overtime.

Competition Fluctuates – The number, type, and characteristics of the people applying for a scholarship change each year. Prior applicants that lost often don’t try again, and new applicants may be better. So don’t assume prior awards will help you if your GPA has dropped or has not changed.

Changes in Judging Standards – Most scholarships use volunteer judges to review scholarships, and judges can change each year. So the subjective standard utilized by each person can change as well.

Given these three facts, it’s best to stay on your toes and remember to get grades up each year, gain better recommendations each year, and apply earlier each year.


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