How Your Social Media Posts Could Destroy Your Chances At Scholarships : Tumblr Post of the Week!

And we have a WINNER!

Its funny how much we forget that what we do online can be seen by others. ; Most of us have heard that employers will often “creep” your Facebook and other social media accounts. But what happens when admission officiers start doing the same thing? More after the jump….

Checking You Out!

Think about this; someone was kind enough to offer a letter of recommendation to someone, and that person later trashes them online for a simple error. How favorably would you look at such a person for admission to your college, or to receive a scholarship? Despite what this blogger thinks, she is neither different nor “bitchy”. She is simply incapable of maturely handling a situation such as a misspelled name, with tact and dignity.

In a great article on 12 Most,Monica Matthews, Author of the Book How To Win College Scholarships – A Guide For PARENTS In 10 Easy Steps, details in her article 12 Most Critical Reasons Students Need a Clean Online Presence how admissions officers have begun to review posts on twitter, facebook, and Pinterest, the top three social media networks. The article offers some great advice, and I advise parents to check it out ASAP. Its important to remember that admissions officers dont just decide who does or does not receive admission. They also are the gatekeepers to scholarships the school offers that can cut tuition bills nearly half in some cases. I myself received three such scholarships when I applied to college. It saved me thousands, and was one of the key factors in choosing that particular school.

Remember, scholarships are investments in a person. Those that invest in students want to see a return, and make sure they are allocating their dollars properly. Its why they often ask for so much information. In preparation for an article I am writing, I have found that scholarship staff and gatekeepers are beginning to montior social media as well. Its important to remember that freedom of speech, also means freedom of consequence.

We are all free to render our opinion just about anywhere. However, when we speak, the consequences of doing so become as much a part of us as the opinion we hold. Ozzie Guillen, the Coach for the Miami Marlins, recently spoke in the news about his opinion on Fidel Castro. This opinion was a somewhat favorable one. Now had he still been coaching in Chicago, few would have cared. But the brand new multi-million dollar stadium that was just built for the Marlins is located in LITTLE HAVANA in Miami, a decidedly anti-Castro hotbed. In a time when the Marlins needed to build goodwill with the local community, Ozzie screwed up. He had a right to his opinion, however that opinion now has him suspended without pay for several games. Doesn’t matter if it is a scholarship, or coaching; your mouth (or your posts) could cost you money!

So read the article, and start cleaning up your online profile quickly! It could mean the difference between thousands in savings, and not getting admitted at all!


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