How to Find Financial Aid For Medical Careers: Scholarships for Doctor, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Dentists

Several years ago I wrote an article on Financial aid for the medical community. As many know, the medical community is full of students that are in debt up to their eyeballs with student loans. But if you plan right, and stay on the hunt, you would be shocked how much aid you can accumulate. Its important to keep in mind the following:

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1) Scholarships are competitive and usually merit based: Many scholarships are general in nature and not focused on any one major necessarily. It often the case that the scholarship you won as a freshmen you can win again year after year if you keep your grades high. If you are a strong enough candidate to get accepted to medical, dental, nursing, or physician assistants school, you’ll likely be a shoe-in for many general scholarships.

2) Aid is often in your own backyard: Remeber, your local community often has a vested interest in seeing you become successful. Many coomunity organizations such as Rotary, Jaycee’s, and the American Legion have scholarships programs for people in their local communities. In addition, the local hospital in smaller regions also often have scholarships to encourage those persuing a career in the medical professions to return home to serve. Take advantage of local aid where an when you can!

3) Uncle Sam can be your friend: It goes without saying that the US military can be a big funding source for medical students, either earning MD’s or their nursing degree. Funding is often tied to a period of service but often pays 100% of tuition and a salary to boot saving you as much as $250,000 of medical school debt. Also, you can take the time to check out what the Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service has to offer. Much like the miltary, medical fields will be paid for provided you serve for a period of time in a designated area of need. While it may have some restrictions, its better than 20 years of unrelenting debt. Links are below!

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US Air Force Program Details

US Navy Program Details

US Army Program Details

US Public Health Corps Details

Quick Note: while written for a latino audience, the magazine articles lessons are universal!


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