Your Twitter Posts Could Be Hurting You: Tweets and Tumbles of The Week


As always, social media never ceases to amaze me, and how people forget that privacy settings exist for a reason. Our digital trail can be long, so one should be careful where one blogs. Monica Matthews article on Reasons Students Need to Clean Up Their Online Presence is an excellent one everyone should read. But new evidence published by The National Scholarships Providers Association, now reveal that 25% of members now search social media for information on applicants and winners. And lets be frank, its not going to get any easier for applicants.

As i have mentioned before Twitter and Tumblrin general cracks me up. Every week, I now take time to curate the best and worst scholarship tweets by simply searching for the word “Scholarships“. While there are many tweets on general info, the funny ones pop up and its a lesson in bad social media management. This week I’m starting with a winner! more after the jump

This wins my Most Positive Scholarship Tweet of the Week Award. This student recognized the value of what he has won, and knows how exclusive it really is. Congrats!

Now onto the tragic and profane (warning NSFW)

Thats right, make clear you’re about the smack the taste out of that essays mouth. Of course, scholarship judges would prefer more academic language.

You are sooooooooo right! With that attitude it is a waste of time, as you will likely not put forth your best effort. But hey, more scholarships for the rest of us right?

Because thats what scholarship judges respond to; rambling incoherent essays that don’t capture their attention or address the questions they ask. One of the biggest errors people make on applications besides failing to fill out each question, is failing to answer essay questions correctly. Pay attention to the questions, and be concise and answer the question is the first rule of scholarship essay writing.

Yes, and later you are going to wish you had been smarter in your social media presence when you fail to win a scholarship over posts like this. Rich or not, think of scholarships like a job and treat it like one. Take it seriously and you will win; take it lightly and you will lose.

Ok, we’ll stop talking about them when they stop being relevant. Of course the way college funding is going right now, thats never going to happen. Prices are going up, aid is down. If you cant get on board with that, you will graduate with a mountain of debt. Good luck with that.

Thats it for this week, but be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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