Quick Scholarship of the Week Post: The Carpe Diem Scholarship

Carpe Diem Foundation Scholarship Due May 9th!

Not much time for this one, but you need to get on it quickly if you want to apply. The Carpe Diem Foundation has been around for about ten years, and is literally looking for students that want to change the world with ideas as I once was told. Go to the website and download the application ;and get started. This one is great for artists as well that want to submit some of their work as a part of the application. A few quick tips; More after the jump…

1) Be Concise – Of the 3 essays, they all require keeping statements to a low word count. And I mean really low – one allows 500 words, and the other two 200 words only! Use your language carefully, and get rid of fluff and filler: read here on how to do that.

2) Be Confident – What makes you different and unique should be on full display. If you are a poet, writer, journalist, they are giving you an open invitation to promote your works. Send them your work in a CD, or other portfolio format which can be seen. It creates a fuller picture of you as a person and will more than likely set you ahead of your peers who submit nothing!

3) FOLLOW ORDERS! – I am not kidding here, this is one of the most detailed application instructions I have seen in a long time. It gives applicants a roadmap to follow on how to put the package together for submission. There is no reason to get this part wrong unless someone is either stubborn or simply unable to follow directions. If you are going to apply for scholarships, know that winners have learned to follow instructions to the letter long ago. if you are going to compete, you had better do the same!

Either way, if you have the guts, go get the application and get going while you can. Good luck!


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