Unique Scholarship of the Week: The Little People of America Scholarship

20120617-145723.jpgWe all hear about weird scholarships for the tall, the unfit, and candy lovers, but what about for the small of stature. The Little People of America Scholarship is targeted towards those shorter than 4’10”, and those that have some form of dwarfism. Next years deadline should be the same as this years in April, so anyone eligible has time to get their ducks in a row. A couple of quick tips:

1) Be Sure to Qualify: Even if you don’t consider yourself as someone with dwarfism, if you are shorter than 4’10”, don’t let this slip by. However if you don’t qualify, don’t bother to apply. While you might think this should be obvious, isn’t always.

2) Don’t Just Expect To Win Because You Are Short: Its important to remember, scholarships like these are using height as a form of VIP Pass. The pass is just to get in, and everyone with that pass get into the same place. Now that you are in the door, its up to you to take advantage of the opportunity by showcasing your attributes and skills. Just like a scholarship for Hispanics, being “More/Less Hispanic” does not make someone more likely to win. Its just a pre-qualifying condition to compete.

3) Don’t Expect to Lose Just Because You Are Not The Shortest: Don’t think that just because you are only barely qualified for a scholarship that you will lose. Lets say you are 4’9.5″, and just come in under the wire. You are just as eligible as someone who is 3′ tall. I once qualified for a scholarship based on the number of hours I had worked at a fast food joint. I barely had enough hours to qualify, but won anyway. In fact, I won three years in a row. And extra $6,000 in the bank doesn’t hurt.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes down the pike. If you are 4’10” or less, why not apply. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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