Scholarship of The Week: The Haddon Robinson $20K Scholarship

This week, we feature a scholarship that has also been highlighted in this weeks podcast episode. Logos Bible Software (@Logos) is offering a $20K Seminary Scholarship. to help one seminarian seeking to earn their Doctorate of Ministry at Knox Theological Seminary. This scholarship is highly different in that it combines the biblical aspects of “Casting of Lots” (Acts 1:26) with the modern aspects of social algorithms and choice. This scholarship is one where the odds of a person winning increases as you get more to take part. In all of my time covering this subject I have yet to hear of such a method, and anyone who is seeking to earn their Doctorate in this area is HIGHLY encouraged to enter and check it out, and recommend it to others. So get on over to the site and go through the brief sign up while you have time and win a full ride to an excellent seminary. Deadline is July 2nd, 2012.  But don’t forget to check out their other scholarship programs for those headed to bible college. This one is for $1000 and could go a long way to helping to cut the need for outside aid so many at bible colleges have trouble getting sometimes.

Also, check out our interview with Kendell StellFox (@stellfoxkendell) to learn more about the scholarship and its intent.

Feel free to check it out here and subscribe on iTunes at the College Money Man Blog!

Download The Episode: Ep08 June 27, 2012


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