Keep The Questions Coming! Ask Me Anything ABout Financial Aid

ImageThank all of you for your emails and questions this past week. I am glad to help and hope I have offered some solid advice. Keep the requests coming via all methods (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Website); also you can hit me up on Skype at my handle CollegeMoneyMan and ask me via audio most nights when I am online. I will be posting some direct call links so you can also leave messages to my Google Voice Account soon!


6 thoughts on “Keep The Questions Coming! Ask Me Anything ABout Financial Aid”

  1. My fafsa said I qualify for 5500, but only using 3300 and I had to take loans to pay the rest. My question is how come the whole 5500 isn’t used for that period?


    1. hi Brok,

      Quick question; was your EFC 5500 from your FAFSA? This may be where the disconnect may be coming into play. When the EFC says $5500, it means that your expected contribution to your own education is $5500 for the year. Check with your financial aid office and ask what your EFC is and let me know and I can help narrow down the issue. Also, what school do you attend?




        1. Hi Brok!

          First, consider your self lucky in that you should have all of your costs pay for this year and then some, you will also likely get a check from the school for the left over amount. Also, make sure you take advantage of state aid you might be eligible for ( call your financial aid office to check on this). Also ask about Federal work study on campus? it’s a grey way to earn money, while keeping your zero efc for next year!

          Do you have any other questions?




  2. Hi,I hereby request for assistance on how to win a scholaship to persue my undergraduate course. Am a 1st year student in one of the Kenyan University taking Computer Science.I come from a humble background and therefore my parents are not able to raise any money towards my school fees. Am at the moment under the courtesy of a Well Wisher who paid my fees for 1st year…please help.


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