This Weeks Two Minute Tip Episodes

Thanks to everyone for the response to our two minute episodes, and to follow those up here are this weeks list of episodes.

  1. What Is The TEACH Grant, and Who Is Eligible for the Teach GRANT?
  2. What Does Estimated Cost of Attendance Mean?
  3. What Is Does Unmet Need Mean?
  4. What Is A Financial Aid Award Letter?
  5. What Is The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant, and Who Qualifies for It?

I hope everyone is able to gain something from these podcasts, and feel free to submit questions for next weeks schedule.


2 thoughts on “This Weeks Two Minute Tip Episodes”

    1. Hi Ursula,

      Your question has been selected or this weeks podcast on Wed. If you would like to ask it live, email me so you can ask via Skype. I will be able to give you an on the spot answer. Reply to this if interested.




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