$1000 Scholarships For Those Pursuing Their Seminary or Theological Studies Up For Grabs! August 10 Deadline

Some majors and career paths are difficult to get funding for. Often seminary is one of those. Regardless of faith, it is always costly and hard for those that wish to serve their faith community to get an education. But there is always someone willing to back up students, such as Logos Software. Logos is offering two scholarships for those pursuing bible college or seminary with two scholarships. More after the jump……

The scholarships both have the same requirements, and offer the same benefit. Specifically a $1000 Tuition Scholarship, and bible study software worth over $8000 if in print. You can find both of these scholarships at http://biblecollegescholarship.com/ and http://seminaryscholarship.com/ Its important to note however that the bible college scholarship is for those specifically in Bible college, which is different than a seminary. So make sure you apply for the correct one, and not both. However, the application and requirements are straight forward and are simple to follow.

If I could offer one word of advice; to those who consider themselves part of the faith based community, that often conceal their faith in public due to work or social pressure should not be afraid to be open here. This company not only markets to the evangelical community, but are a part of it. They take their work seriously and this scholarship seriously as well. this is not a corporation doing this as a casual aside and tax break; its done because it is part and parcel to their beliefs.

Because of this, it is important to be open and honest about your faith. I know this sounds like a strange thing to say, but many people feel the need to hide their personal beliefs to get along in a secular workplace, school, or to win a scholarship. However with this company and this scholarship, that will that will not be necessary. Be open, honest, and straightforward. No matter what, good luck and good hunting!


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