What Is The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant, and Who Qualifies for It?

Episode 10

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Hi, This is JR the College Money Man, giving you my Daily Scholarship and Financial Aid Tip in about two minutes.

This is Episode 10 and today we are talking about the The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

Over the past ten years, we have seen two wars come to pass. As with every war, this has resulted in dependents of deceased veterans being left not only without a parent, but in many cases financial support. I myself have been there, losing my own father due to service related injuries devastated my family both emotionally and financially. It was hard, and I had to abandon my own college dreams and join the military myself to help pay my families bills.  No one should have to make that kind of choice. However, this time around, at least the congress has made better provision for the dependents of our vets.

In order to assist families that have lost a loved one during these two conflicts, the Department of Ed issues The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant for the college age students of veterans. but it has a unique award structure, so listen closely.

To receive the Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grant, student must have an EFC that is not Pell eligible. (The student must meet the other criteria for Pell eligibility.)
The maximum award is equal to the maximum Pell Grant that is available for each award year, adjusted for enrollment status. The award may not exceed the student’s cost of attendance.

Basically, the award takes an otherwise non-pell eligible student, and resets their EFC to Zero for pell purposes. Then they become eligible for the full amount that they would have been issued under the pell program based on their hours enrolled. For example, John is the dependent of a service member who passed away due to service in theater. John is enrolled in college full time, and is 19 years old. His EFC was 5600, which made him ineligible for pell. Because of his fathers passing, the Department of Education will direct the financial aid office to reset his EFC and award him the full amount of $5550.

Now as a son of veteran, I can tell you first hand how hard it can be for a family. However, this program combined with others like it , such as the VA Chapter 35 Benefit for dependents of deceased or disabled service members, can make a difference to a service members family by ensuring their loved ones get the opportunities they gave their lives for. So if you know someone who has lost a loved one due to service in Iraq or Afghanistan, make sure they inform the financial aid office so they can properly assist them in all aspects of the students financial aid. Its not much, but every little bit helps in tough times like these.

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