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  1. Hey!

    I am in need of some serious help! I have just been accepted as a transfer to RIT. However I have a problem, I can’t pay for it!! My mom can not take out more parent pluse loans, I have no credit, and she can not cosign for me for sally mea loans because she owes to much over her own college loans and mine from last year. What can I do??? I have applied for many loans and no one will take me without a cosigner! I know no one that could cosign for me because they all have bad credit, no job, or owe to much of their own student loans. Do you know of someone who will give me a loan with no cosigner ad no credit? I am also in a hurry because my acceptance deposit is due august 1st!! 😦 please help me!! this is my dream college that could give me a bright future!! Thanks!!


    1. Hello Felicia

      Thank you for your comment. To clarify, what is your expected family contribution? Also, how old are you, do you already have a degree and have you filed the FAFSA this year?




      1. I am 20 years old, my family is not able to give me any money for college, and yes I filled out my FASA but i am stilling waiting to receive the package in mail from my college. I am sure i will need a loan though because the average financial aid packet for the school is 25,000 and the school pulse dorms and everything is 44,000 a year. I will be a freshman again because I am changing my major from Fashion Merchandising to International Business. Thanks for responding!


        1. Felicia,

          Can you offer me a bit more insight so I can help find you a solution.

          1) is RIT in your own state?
          2) what state do you live in now
          3) are you from a minority group?
          4) do you speak another language?
          5) why did you choose RIT over a state college for your international business major since it is a common major at state u’s?




        2. Of course,

          1/2. RIT is not in my own state, I am from Maine, and RIT is in NY.
          3. I am not from a minority group.
          4. I speak some Spanish and really want to learn more.
          5. I chose RIT because they have a good study abroad program and I love to travel and traveling is an important part of my major. I also chose them because they have great Co-Op’s. They have an amazing campus with lots of activities and sports. I played many spots in high school and really like the campus atmosphere. They also have a good recognizable name for when applying to jobs in this job market. The weather is similar to mine here in Maine so i can still feel at home with out having to stay at home. I really wanted to leave my own state.

          And my GPA is 3.44. I have worked a my current retail job for almost a year now. Before that I worked 3 years at a grocery store. However my income is still slightly less then 12,000 a year. Currently I make 9.35 an hour.

          I am a member of scholarship point however I can not rely on maybe winning a scholarship with my deadline for my deposit so soon. I really need a loan.



  2. My husband and I adopted our gran daughter (now 20), when she was a baby, my husband is 65 and has battled cancer for three years which is costly.We need help getting her through college, she is a good christian and wants to be a social worker and work with childern once she finishes school. In the past we have paid for her school. However I am 61 and out of work for over a year now. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks


    1. Hi Pat,

      First, allow me to say you will be in my prayers tonight for good health for your husband and your family.

      Second, lets address the issue of financing. Can you let me know what type of school she attends? (State, community college, private liberal arts, for-profit?)

      Also, what state are you in? Most states have state sponsored aid for those who are adopted. In addition it is critical you speak with your financial aid office immediately! They based this years costs and aid on last years earned income, therefore, they need updated info to redetermine. Simply contact the schools financial aid office and ask to speak to the counselor that deals with financial aid re-determination or appeals. Tell them the whole story and they will help to guide you through the process.
      Let me know the answers to the questions above so I can hunt for a solution for you.




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