How To File A Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid Appeal: JR’s Daily 2-Minute Financial Aid Tip

Todays Episode: How To File A Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid Appeal?

Episode 21

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Its time for another Daily Scholarship and Financial Aid Tip in about two minutes, by JR The College Money Man

This is episode 21, and today we are answering the question, How Do I File A Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid Appeal?

Life doesn’t always go the way we want. Things happen than can get in the way of your educational progress, and can affect your financial aid status. Missing classes, a GPA that dips below 2.0, or dropping to many classes can lead to financial aid suspension.

First things first, don’t panic. If this happens to you or your dependent child, its important to act quickly and file your appeal. This can be remedied quickly if you approach writing your appeal by using what I call the three-step appeal method, which is State the Problem, Detail the Effect, and Explain the Solution.

First, State the Problem – what was the reason or event that caused the educational issues you had, such as a death in the family, need to work more hours to pay for school, signing up for more hours than recommended, or some sort of emotional issue or physical injury.

Second, Detail the Effect – how did this event affect your ability to study, attend classes, or continue your education. For example if you signed up for more semester hours than you could handle, and had to work to help pay for school, you could state that the high-class load, combined with reduced study time effected your grades adversely.

Finally, Explain the solution  detail clearly how you plan to rectify this issue in future semesters. For example, if a child care issue you or a family member had led to your dropping classes, make it clear that the issue has been resolved by describing the steps taken to do so, and how it will not effect you in future semesters.

How you approach an SAP appeal can make the difference between receiving funding the next school year, or having to drop out. Keep it simple and direct with the three-step method, and your odds of getting your financial aid back are good.

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    1. Alina,

      could you clarify for me, do you mean how do you file your taxes, or how do you use your taxes on your FAFSA form? They are two separate systems, with the FAFSA relying on the taxes, but not the opposite.


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