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How to File an Expected Family Contribution Redetermination Appeal: JR’s Daily 2-Minute Financial Aid Tip

Todays Episode: How to File an Expected Family Contribution Redetermination Appeal?

Episode 22

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Its time for another tip on Scholarships and Financial Aid in about two minutes, by JR The College Money Man

This is episode 22, and today we are answering the question, How to File an Expected Family Contribution Redetermination Appeal For ?

In this economy people will lose their jobs, work slowdowns will happen, and people will change careers due to outsourcing. This fact can severely disrupt a students education if parents offered help either in the form of loans or direct payments. But don’t worry, because there is help, as the financial aid office can redetermine a students EFC if a financially challenging event occurs. Specifically, the financial aid office can re-determine your student Expected Family Contribution, or EFC, which can make you eligible for MORE financial aid. To take part in this appeal, do the following:

1) Contact your financial aid office and ask to speak to the EFC Appeals person. Tell them the situation and your change in circumstances ask them about the appeals process. Download any forms they ask you to download from their website, and follow all of their instructions to the letter.

2) Gather your evidence: get together federal WARN Act letters, unemployment approval letters, recent bank statements, and check stubs. Have them well-organized and copied for submission. In include a brief statement of no more than a page describing what happened that financially affected you this year, how it lowered your income, and by about how much it effected your income.

3) Submit your paperwork, and be proactive. After you get your appeal in, stay in contact with the advisor, and keep an eye out for letters or emails from the financial aid office. If they ask for more evidence, never argue, just give it quickly. the sooner you get them what they need, the faster you can get your issue resolved.

While you can’t help what has happened in the job market, you can keep it from effecting you or your student’s ability to finish school. How you approach an EFC appeal can make the difference between receiving funding the next school year, or having to drop out. 

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2 thoughts on “How to File an Expected Family Contribution Redetermination Appeal: JR’s Daily 2-Minute Financial Aid Tip”

  1. In the FAFSA I just filled out I had to enter my 2011 adjusted gross income. Throughout 2012 I was on target to earn about the same. Then on Nov 1st I lost my job and our income went down to just what the severance package included. In 2013, even if I find work I will make substantially less money and this has a huge affect on our ability to pay for our child’s college expenses. If the FAFSA for 2012-2013 (sept 2012 to june 2013) looks at 2011 income then I suspect 2013-2014 will look at 2012 income which will be as high as 2011. However I will be well into a year unemployed or at reduced wages. Based on this what can I do to try and qualify for additional aid, grant, loans etc? We are very scared.


    1. Hello Michael

      First, let me say I am sorry to hear about your issues regarding your job loss. In this economy it can be a scary thing. However there is hope. First, yes you are eligible for more, possibly lots more both this year and next! But it’s important to act quickly.

      First, you need to get any paperwork related to your layoff or dismissal together along with a copy of last years 1040 you used for the fafsa. Then contact the department of financial aid and speak directly to the counselor who deals with financial aid/EFC appeals. Explain the situation, and ask about the appeal process. All s hooks that accept emerald aid have to have a standard process that allows appeals. Don’t be afraid as appeal will not effect your aid, as your award cannot go down, only up! Quickly write up the details they ask for and submit all paperwork quickly. It should not take long, as often these councils meet weekly to vet appeals. Be persistent and give them all the info they ask for ASAP.

      Next years, FAFSA should result should be vastly different as well. Keep in mind they may ask you to justify the lower EFC, but that will be easy.

      Contact your financial aid office and let me know what they tell you! If you need help feel free to contact me again. Good luck and god bless!




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