How To Get Scholarship Offers As A Returning Adult Student: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Financial Aid Tip

This is episode 24, and today we are talking about How To Get Scholarship Offers As A Returning Adult Student.

More and more students are starting their college career later in life. Either due to financial circumstances or family commitments, many people are waiting to attend college. Many are under the impression that this will kill their chances at receiving scholarships and financial aid. However this is not the case, as the life you have lived as an adult can make a compelling case for receiving scholarships and financial aid. When competing for scholarships as a returning adult student, keep the following tips in mind to be competitive:

1) Target The Right Schools: Applying to Harvard when you have spent the last 10 year working at Wal-Mart is unrealistic. But targeting state universities, small private colleges, and community colleges allow you to compete on a more level playing field. So don’t overreach, the goal is to get the education and not pay for it, so be realistic.

2) Play Up Your Life Experiences: If you have worked to help support a family, either as a single parent or child helping out at home, you have shown the quality of your character everyday. Scholarship judges and admission officers need to know this, as it shows the type of hard-working person you are and makes you a more stable investment of their funds. Be sure to make this fact a part of your essay theme when write your responses to scholarship applications.

3) Never Whine, Complain, or Beg: People don’t like whiners. There is a vast difference between the people who work hard and take pride in that fact quietly, and those who do so and complain. When writing your essays or talking to admission officers, never ever complain about how hard your life is. Rather, make it clear your hard work, and life experiences are what has inspired you to attend school and you are determined to do so. Furthermore, never use an essay or time with an admissions officer as a time to beg for aid. Nobody likes that. Rather use the time or space to communicate why you are a good investment of their time and aid. Determination will take you a lot further than depression will.

No matter what your background, always keep in mind that coming back to school or attending late will not kill your chances at scholarships. in fact, it may help you. I should know, I didn’t start until I was 24.

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