How To Get More Scholarship Offers As A High School Student: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Tip

 This is episode 25, and today we are talking about How To Get More Scholarship Offers As A High School Student.

So your son or daughter has done reasonably well in school, and worked hard. However you are worried about admission and the cost of attendance at your childs preferred school. Schools are the first place to look for scholarships and aid. So to maximize your child’s chances at financial aid,  keep the following tips in mind to be competitive:


1) Target The Right Schools: Applying to Harvard when your child has a 3.6 GPA and at 2050 on their SAT is just not realistic without an extremely compelling story or life narrative. But targeting state universities, small private colleges, and community colleges allow that student to compete on a more level playing field. So don’t overreach, the goal is to get the education and not pay for it, so be realistic when selecting colleges to apply to.

2) Be Upfront with Admissions Officer: Admissions officers and others use scholarships to compete for the students they really want to come to their school. So when visiting the campus, no matter what, make sure you and your child are positive and upbeat about the school and that you want to receive admission. However, make it clear that finances are an issue and that cost will be a reason in choosing a school. Schools that truly want your child will not only direct you where to find more scholarships, but may help to award you added scholarship aid as a part of admission.

3) Never Whine, Complain, or Beg: People don’t like whiners. There is a vast difference between the people who work hard and take pride in that fact quietly, and those who do so and complain. When writing your essays or talking to admission officers, never ever complain about how hard life has been for you and your child. Rather, make it clear your child’s hard work, and life experiences are what has inspired them to attend school. Make it clear how you and they overcame their obstacles to do well in spite of personal issues.

No matter what your background, always keep in mind that there is aid out there for everyone. However you need to be willing to compete for it to win. 

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