How To Partner With Your Child To Make Them Scholarship Winners: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Financial Aid Tip

This is episode 28, and today we are talking about How To Partner With Your Child To Make Them Scholarship Winners.

Every time a college bound teen wins a scholarship, it doesn’t just benefit them; it also lightens the financial toll college often takes on parents.  A $1000 scholarship to  a teen isn’t just paying for tuition. It allows parents to keep your hard earned money to save for retirement. Monica Matthews, author of the book How To Win College Scholarships – A Guide For PARENTS In 10 Easy Stepshelped her son get his entire education paid for as an engineering major at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

When looking for aid, Monica asked the question….

Monica Matthews Interview

Just remember, partnering with your child allows you to save money while giving them the freedom to learn and win the money needed to attend school. So get together with your college bound child and get started with a partnership ASAP.

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