How To Structure Your Scholarship Essay To Win: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Financial Aid Tip

This is episode 29, and today we are talking about How To Structure Your Scholarship Essay To Win.

Most people will graduate college with The ability to read and write at A tenth grade level: that’s a fact. Our educational system in the US has de-emphasized the need to properly structure a paper or essay. This problem often leads applicants of scholarships to poorly structure their essays, and distract judges from what would otherwise be a viable candidate. So to make sure your essay is up to par, here are a few tips

1) Simplify your language: just because someone digs out the thesaurus doesn’t mean they are going get a better response or impress the judges. Judges have little time to find winners and losers, so using clear and simple phrasing and wording will help judges understand you quickly and help them avoid guessing the context of your response.

2) Remember the 1-3-1 rule: so many people have forgotten the simple and easy logic of an essay that has an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a summary or conclusion. This structure is one that allows your essay to flow cleanly and is easier to read for judges.

3) Never use 10 words when 5 will do: many of us like to over complicate things to impress others. But when word economy matters due to length and word count, keeping sentences short and simple can help get your point across quickly. Instead of saying, “I ventured into the cave to explore the body of water” simply say “I went in the cave to see the pool”

While it seems odd, simple and basic grammar rules and formating work best when writing an essay for scholarships judges who tend to be older, to be more conservative, and have limited time to judge an essay. So make sure any essay you or your child writes sticks with the basics.

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