Saving Money In College | Spending less in college by testing out of classes using CLEP or other evaluations

How To Keep College Costs Super Low: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Financial Aid Tip

Todays Episode:Tips on How To Keep College Costs Super Low

Episode 44

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Its time for another Daily Scholarship and Financial Aid Tip in about two minutes, by JR The College Money Man

This is episode 44 and today we are talking about Tips on How To Keep College Costs Super Low;

Lets be honest, not everyone is going to Harvard, or any place like it. For most of us, we  just want to get through college alive and get a decent job on the other end. It’s important to remember that parents and students can cut the cost of college in small ways. Combined, these small saving strategies can eventually cut the cost of some students tuition in half. So the next several episodes of this podcast is dedicated to just saving money while in school. 

For my first tip, I always tell parents and students to test-out of every class you can get credit for. Now hear me out on this.  There are literally thousands of courses at any one particular school. We all have talents and areas of interest we have excelled at. If your goal is to complete a degree in law enforcement, and you have no plans on for further study, it’s always a good idea to cut the cost of tuition wherever you can. So if you have taken a class in basic accounting while in high school, talk to the department that the subject is in about testing out of the class for credit. If you can pass the test, you could save yourself several thousand in tuition and fees, as well as get one course closer to graduation. 

Saving money in school requires an effort. But it pays off in the long run through lowered student debt, and less financial headache overall. 

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