How To Keep College Costs Super Low By Moving Off Campus: JR’s Daily Two-Minute Financial Aid Tip

Todays Episode:How To Keep College Costs Super Low

Episode 46

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Its time for another Daily Scholarship and Financial Aid Tip in about two minutes, by JR The College Money Man

This is episode 46 and today we are talking about How To Keep College Costs Super Low;

In our prior episode, we talked about saving money while in college by taking classes while in high school. However, one of the largest expenses in college is the cost of living. For those at a state university, living expenses can often exceed the cost of tuition and fees.

While it may seem to outsiders that living in a dorm or residence hall is a part of the college experience, I can tell you personally that its something most can do without. When living on campus, you are bound by the costs and rules set by the university. In addition, most universities mandate a meal plan purchase, even if you have no plan to eat on campus. This is often because the operation of residence halls in conjunction with food facilities are being farmed out to private companies. So saving small amounts by changing habits such as shutting off lights, or buying cheaper meals, is less of an option while living on campus. However, by finding a living space off campus with roommates, students can often save thousands per year by cooking their own food, shutting off lights and conserving energy, and minimizing other household expenses. While the costs of living off campus will vary from school to school, most will find of campus housing to be an economical choice if chosen well.

Look, most college students are adults and they don’t want nose RA’s snooping into their lives, or the hassle of eating only when the dining hall is open, all while paying in some cases exorbitant fees. So take the time to search locally and do the math and see if living off campus will help you or your college age student. it may pay off in the long run through lowered student debt, and less financial headache overall.

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