Coding And Family: An Update On My Life

When life hits you, it can often push other things out of the way. Things that you once considered important get sidelined in the face of new opportunities.

A couple of things have happened to me recently that have taken time away from the College Money Man blog:

First, I recently started a new job with a company as an accountant/bookkeeper part time. This has drained away some of my daytime hours I used to use for podcasting. 

Second, I have been learning to code. I am obsessed with developing my WordPress blog my way, with my own widgets and other items, and therefore have been deeply into coding. It’s a frustrating and heart wrenching process, but I feel I am making actual progress. Ruby is said to be simple, but it’s not for me. I promise to soon return to regular posts, and hope my past posts have helped all of my readers.

No matter what, feel free to contact me with questions you may have.


JR the College Money Man