Three Ways to Turn Your Local American Legion Hall Into A Fountain of Scholarships and Aid Possibilities

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Living in a small town, you learn things you didn’t know if you are from a big city. Many of the people that are a member of one club, tend to be in others as well. One of the great things for those searching for scholarships is that you can often find a one-stop-shop for scholarship information at your local American Legion Hall. Besides the American Legion Scholarships that the nation organizations offer, there is also a bevy of local aid offered in many communities. Those that serve our country are often people who are civically minded and are interested in making a difference in their community.

1) Volunteer At The Hall – Volunteering is a part of scholarships anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Volunteer at the many bingo nights, pancake breakfasts, and other events they hold to get yourself noticed by the Hall staff. It goes a long way towards getting the solid letters of recommendation you will need down the line.

2) Talk up your goals – Be sure to let others know what you are looking to do in college. This kind of networking gets you moving early in your career for references, and makes Legion hall members more likely to keep you in mind for a scholarships you may not know about.

3) Keep your eyes and ears open – While some members may not talk about scholarships they remember, the local hall secretary often posts items on the Hall bulletin board, such as scholarships. Check it frequently as many items are posted last minute. Also, subscribe to listservs about Hall business for potential nuggets of info.

Nearly every community features a local Legion Hall. While many seem simply like a hangout for old vets, it can also be a fountain of information for those in the know. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on some great aid opportunities by ignoring this great potential source.