The 2014 Margarian Scholarship: A Scholarship For All Majors

2014 Margarian Scholarship
The 2014 Margarian Scholarship

Big ups to (@Cappex) for putting me on to this scholarship.  If you haven’t been to the site yet, check it our. The 2014 Margarian Scholarship is a scholarship everyone has time to apply for. Its broad based and is for all grade levels from High School to graduate school. 

A few tips on this one based on the application:

  1. Be concise: You have between 100-300 words for a response to each question. Given the number of apps they may get, you need to keeps your words economical.
  2. Don’t be Shy: This one is looking for pride; pride of self, pride of background, pride of accomplishment. This is not time to be a shy-guy/gal and stick to the sidelines. You need to push yourself out there as the best candidate because YOU ARE, not because YOU WILL BE! The law firm that offers this was founded by a man who didn’t start out speaking english well and had to pull himself up by his bootstraps. He is looking for people like himself when it comes to tenacity. 
  3. Dont depend on your ethnicity or poverty to get you the win: This one could care less if you are white, black, hispanic, or laotian. It cares about the level of pride you exhibit and your determination. While finances may have some impact, it is not the end all be all. You still have to present yourself the correct way.

This scholarship is a perfect example of a general scholarship where the competition will be broad and undefined. Keep in mind a solid and carefully thought out strategy will make all the difference when you apply.  No matter what, good luck!

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