4 Different Ways to Learn to Code…And Why #3 is My Current Favorite

My recent article on options for learning to code.

Git. Life. Commit.

I always thought when I was a kid, I didn’t learn the way others did. Looking back, I realize I grew up with friends who all learned differently. In middle school, Shane was an Autodidact, and could not stand be lectured to. He would read for hours alone, but fall asleep in class; always got an “A”. Justin couldn’t stand lectures either. However, once he tried something that interested him he would master it to the point where it consumed him totally.   I preferred to hear the lecture, then try the exercise. My issue came when I got things wrong or didn’t understand,  I was reluctant to ask for help. For some reason, I feared looking stupid for not knowing already. One thing I want to avoid in my quest for a solid coding education is repeating history.

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