College Board IDOC (and DRT) Submission Requests Explained!

A topic to keep in mind this year as these forms arrive. I am considering doing an entire episode or two on this topic in subsequent podcasts.

Happy Friday!  Here’s a new college acronym for you to ponder this weekend (as if you needed another one).  It’s IDOC, and if your student has/is applying to an out-of-state college, and you recently submitted the CSS Profile, there is a chance that you have or will soon be contacted about IDOC. If this is you, be on the lookout for an email requesting an IDOC submission on behalf of the college.  

So what it is an IDOC and how do you submit it? 

First, you don’t submit an IDOC to something, you submit something (namely, your financial documents) to IDOC. IDOC stands for the College Board’s Institutional Documentation System.  It was created to make the entire financial aid application process easier (theoretically, anyway) by serving as a central aggregator for your tax returns, W2 forms and certain other pertinent financial documents.  If you receive an IDOC submission request…

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