after filing an EFC appeal

ICYMI – Weekly Financial Aid Coffee Klatch – March 31- April 4

Since I am starting to go through a lot of content each week, I have decided to wrap up the weeks activities by showcasing the content I put out, and the best curated content. I want to highlight the best article/post , you-tube video, and podcast I managed to find all week. Also the worst tweet of the week concerning scholarships, financial aid, and admissions.

Published WorkTuition insurance and protecting your college investment

The Dirty Secret About College Refunds No One Talks About

This weeks podcast topic interviews John Fees, the president and CEO of NextGen Insurance, a company that specializes in insuring college student and their parents against unforeseen circumstances. Their GradGuard refunds the tuition of a student should they become sick or have a mental health episode. In addition we discuss R2T4, of the Return of Title IV Funds when you drop out of school early in the semester.

Time to wash up!
Time to wash up!

My Top Eight College #Admissions, #Scholarships, and #FinancialAid Twitter Feeds

Here I highlight my favorite feeds on twitter in the areas of scholarships, financial aid, and admissions. They offer such great content I recommend everyone follow these tweeters and gain all they can from the content they offer and curate.

Worst Tweet of the Week

This weeks award goes to @Er2DaLyn for the tweet that refuses to take responsibility for missing the deadline for a scholarships. Quick tip to anyone applying to any scholarships; take a lesson from Monica Matthews, a mother who helped her son win over $100K in scholarships: Deadlines Matter!

missed the opportunity to study abroad by missing the scholarship deadline




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