My Top 8 Podcasts For Parents of College-Bound Teens

Audio-PodcastFor a long time, I was a bit of a road warrior. Between 2003 and 2008, I owned an independent online textbook company that had to move inventory all over the midwest. I was in the car a solid two months of the year at one time. However, it after all that driving I fell in love with podcasts. I loved having constant content and making the most of my time on the road.  Many middle class families have long commutes to work, with free time to listen to college prep and advice on a range of topics related to their college bound teens. To help parents narrow down the content that will help their children succeed and pay for college, I have narrowed down my top eight podcasts on the topics of financial aid, scholarships, and admissions.

I Also Podcast each week, but am not on the list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great podcast, but I wanted to shine a light on who I listen to as well!

Why I Choose These Eight Podcasts

In case anyone was wondering what would qualify someone for the list, I used the following criteria to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you have any suggestions please send them to me via twitter @CollegeCashMan so I can include them in future lists.

  1. The podcast had to have its most recent episode within the last 60 days
  2. The podcast is downloadable (no stream only shows)
  3. The content had to focus on financial aid, scholarships, college admissions, or financing your child’s college education
  4. A majority of the content is geared towards the parents of college bound teens, or current college students preparing for graduate school

Beatrice Schultz, the Host of College Smart Radio

College Smart Radio By Beatrice Schultz

Heard weekly  on KDOW AM 1220, in the California Silicon Valley (not far from my home town of Monterey Bay), College Smart Radio is part of the The Wall Street Radio Network, and hosted by Beatrice Schultz and Mark Guthrie. Beatrice is a college and financial planning expert with over 20 years of experience, founder of Westface College Planning and the co-founder of Westface Financial and Insurance Services alongside Mark Guthrie. The show features some outstanding guests, and did a great piece on “The Angular Student”. The guest talks about how the “well-rounded” student is not the focus of admissions officers anymore. Rather, finding people to make up a larger class that excel in one or two areas is the goal. You can find out more about Beatrice by going to her website at, and find their podcast via Spreaker audio.


College Prep Radio by Ashley Hill

Graduating in 3 years, with a $10,000 college internship following soon after is no small feat.  But Ms. Hill Ashley Hill did, and now assists college-bound Ashley Hill, College Prep Radiostudents and their parents with the college admissions and financing process. Ashley authored two books, Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me and Celebrating Me, and hosts the College Prep Radio show bi-weekly. Great for little added tidbits of college wisdom to help parents at all financial need levels. You can find out more about Ms. Hill on her website, and find her podcast on iTunes. 


Accepted Admissions Straight Talk by Linda Abraham

This podcast is unique, in that it focuses on students considering graduate school. More and more, parents are helping to foot the bill for this as well, and its important to get a jump on the realities of graduate school admissions and financial aid early. If your student is planning on being a lawyer, doctor, or considering any other profession that requires graduate level study, Linda Abraham honestly tackles the realties of graduate and professional schools. While some may find this an odd choice for the parents of college bound teens, I would say that it’s better to start hearing about the realities of the process before they begin their freshman year. After all, the process only gets more competitive in graduate school when it comes to admissions, and financial aid that is not loan-based. She won’t sugar coat it for you, and you can download her podcast at iTunes.

How to pay for college HQ by Celeste HortonHow to Pay for college HQ for Celeste Horton

Hosted by Celeste Horton, the podcast features stories from students and parents about how they saved money in college, as well as featuring content from financial aid professionals. Well produced and even announced by Celeste’s daughter, the podcast is a great motivator for parents of college-bound teens and students alike to work towards getting out of college debt-free. You can find out more about Celeste by going to her website, and  find her podcast on iTunes as well.

The College Savvy Coach by Sia Knight

What I love about Sia Knight’s podcast, much like her twitter feed, is her no-nonsense articles that speak straight to the issues surround college admissions and the conduct of college bound teens. Her podcast asks some very direct questions of parents and helps shine a light on some realities of the college admissions and prep process. Holding a Doctorate in Education, this former teacher, counselor and school administrator curates some content while focusing on her own articles on college prep, test prep, and building a students network before college. Her site is found at, and her podcast is found via iTunes.

Career 100 Podcast By Felicia GopaulCareer 100 Radio by Felicia Gopaul

Hosted by Felica Gopaul, this podcast unique because what it does is feature guests in different careers and focuses each episode on how to student can enter those careers. Everything from cosmetology to software engineering, this podcast is a great primer for parents and their students about different professions and what it takes to enter them. Great for those parents and students still on the fence about a career path or major choice, and want to learn more before dropping $20,000 in tuition. You can find her podcast via iTunes.

Taming the High Cost of College Podcast By Brad Baldridge

Brad Baldridge is a Certified Financial Planner, and hosts the Taming the High Cost of College Podcast, which focuses on different aspects of financial aid each week. From scholarships, to last-minute FAFSA tips, this podcast is a great all around resource that covers multiple aspects of financial aid and saving money while in college. You can find out more about Brad Baldridge on his site, and download his podcasts via iTunes.


College Checklist Podcast by Lauren GaggioliRookie Award:  The College Checklist Podcast by Lauren Gaggioli

Lauren is an SAT/ACT prep expert that has started a great podcast that appears to cover a range of college topics and is well produced. With a naturally conversational style  and an upbeat sound, the podcast is a great start to what has so far been great to listen to. Check the podcast out on iTunes and learn more about Lauren at her website





4 thoughts on “My Top 8 Podcasts For Parents of College-Bound Teens”

  1. Thanks for including How To Pay For College HQ in your list!! So many great people in this educational community and glad to have met you now too.


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