The McKinney Vento Act helps to cover homeless students while they are in college

CMM 033 – How To Help Homeless Teens Pay For College – Episode 33

letting your financial aid counselor know you are homeless is important to gaining more in financial aid
Source: Ken Shinozaki via Flickr Commons

This week we focus an entire episode on answering a listeners question. Danielle wants to help her daughters best friend who is homeless. This a sensitive topic, and may be uncomfortable for some, but  is worth talking about. To help answer our listeners question, we start by interviewing Cyekeia Lee, the Higher Education Liaison for Homeless Youth, for the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (@NAEHCY). Listen to the episode: Cyekeia talks about the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and how it helps homeless college-bound teens prove their status for financial aid purposes when filing the FAFSA. In addition we talk to our favorite financial advisor, Mary Lawson of Western Illinois University (@WIUNews) discusses how a financial aid advisor can make a professional judgement to help homeless college students with their financial aid. We also discuss our scholarship of the week, the Beat The Odds Scholarship, offered by the various state affiliates of the Children’s Defense FundThe program is held each year in California, Washington, D.C., Texas, Minnesota, New York, and Ohio.  This scholarship is specifically for homeless or displaced students who are accepted to college, and are worth up to $10,000 per year.  Download The Episode: Ep33 April 9, 2014

Homeless students can pay for college
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transcript after the jump.


The following is a Partial Transcript of this episode

Jose “JR” Vazquez – This is episode 33 of the College Money Man Podcast


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