$2500 scholarships are available for those wanting to become chefs

$2500 Scholarships for Hotel, Restaurant, And Hospitality Majors – Due April 23!

$2500 Scholarships offered through the NRAEF Due In April
The NRAEF Scholarships are usually $2500 each!

The hospitality and food service industry is one of the fastest growing next to health care and tech in this country.  The NRAEF Scholarship is one that I have won personally, two years running as an Undergrad. It is usually split between two payments of $1250 and they send the check to the college directly.  This one is actually one where may of the people who apply will win! And hundreds of students win each year, so this one is perfect. If you are serious about your major and you are in the hospitality field, you have to apply to this.  The scholarship if merit-based only, so it doesn’t matter what your EFC is or how much financial aid you already have. Only your merit decides.

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source: Gary Kester via Flickr Commons

The essays are very short (about 150 to 300 words), and are focused on your experience. Now the crux of this scholarship is that you have to have some experience in the restaurant/hospitality industry.  You have to verify it via pay stubs or a letter from either a current or past employer. Of course, any fast food job will qualify, and if it leads to a $2500 scholarship, you can even volunteer in a food kitchen if you wish. There are a few sub scholarships for current undergrads, freshmen, and those who have a focus on Italian Food & Viticulture (wine).

The nice thing is the application is online-based and easy to complete. Even better, they offer it twice a year, so you can apply in spring or fall! If you miss one deadline, another is only few months off.  It will cover multiple majors at accredited universities including:

  • Culinary Arts/Pastry Arts Degrees (chefs): Institutions such as the  Le Cordon Blue, Culinary Institute of America, Arts Institutes
  • Restaurant and Hospitality Management Degrees: These are offered by many public universities and colleges
  • Travel and Hospitality (if you focus on the restaurant side): This is also offered by many public universities and colleges

As hard as it is to get financial aid for those looking to become chef’s, this one is a scholarship you can’t ignore. Get to it and apply today because the due date is APRIL 23 2014.


2 thoughts on “$2500 Scholarships for Hotel, Restaurant, And Hospitality Majors – Due April 23!”

  1. Just a head’s up on a challenge w/ this scholarship that my daughter is running in to. The NRAEF scholarship does not accept Food Science under grads (except the viticulture) for this scholarship even if the student completes the NRAEF Prostart High School program.


    1. Lara,

      Thanks you so much for letting us know about this. Have they ever explained why this is? I would like to dig into this and check with the NRAEF exceptions can be made. Please dm me at twitter @collegecashman so I can try to advocate for you on this.




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