$2500 Scholarship – The National Merit Scholarship Competition – My Scholarship of the Week

Take the PSAT to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship CompetitionThis scholarship is one that if awarded, is worth more than the $2500 scholarship itself. The scholarship is awarded by state and only so many per state will win.  However, for those that don’t win the prime award, another 1400 are evaluated automatically for other scholarships offered by other companies affiliated with the PSAT/NMSQT. In addition, National Merit Scholars, as they are called, are obviously going to have an edge in college admissions and other scholarship opportunities. We discussed this in a recent podcast for parents and their college-bound teens.

The nice thing is, students filled out the application when you applied to The PSAT/NMSQTtake the test! The PSAT itself, and your results are what will determine the outcome. So if you have taken advantage of SAT Test Prep, or considering it, it is a great way to not only qualify for the scholarship, but to practice before the taking the SAT. So at worst, by taking the test, your college-bound teen has prepared for taking the full exam, while qualifying for scholarships without adding a single application to their efforts.

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