ICYMI – Weekly Financial Aid Coffee Klatch – April 14 – April 18

Weekly summary coffee klatchLast week was a great week and thank you to all those who asked me questions on twitter @CollegeCashMan, and t o my new newsletter subscribers. Heres a summary of what I put out this week, and a couple of other funny articles.

Published Work

3 Tips for Parents Looking To Avoid the Golden Handcuffs of Student Debt

For every ten parents that think applying for small scholarships are waste of time, there is that one mother who knows that staying out of debt is cheaper than the hour someone may spend applying for more aid.  Checkout this article and understand avoiding student debt takes a multi-step approach.

My Top 6 Twitter Feeds For College-Bound Teens

Here I highlight my favorite twitter feeds for parents of college-bound teens that focus on real listed scholarships. Some great podcast finds out there hosted by @ScholarshipGuru, @ScholarshipCntr, and @Scholarships360

The College Money Man Podcast – Episode Podcasting on scholarships, financial aid, and admissions34

This week we dedicate the entire episode to being SAT and ACT ready, how that can affect so much when it comes to scholarships, admissions, and merit aid. Listen to the episode: [audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode34.mp3]

Scholarship of the Week

$2500 Scholarships offered through the NRAEF Due In April$2500 Scholarships are available for many students that score well on the PSAT. Taking the PSAT is a great opportunity to not only practice for the real SAT, but also makes your student eligible for more merit aid, along with the pride of becoming a National Merit Scholar.

Worst Tweet of the Week

Scholarships suck, bad tweet of the week


This weeks award goes to @tamara_kayyyy for the tweet that shows that some kids just hate the effort of scholarship applications. For any parent reading this, take heart! In all likelihood this student will do a poor job of paying attention, miss fine details, and ultimately not finish college if they expect everything to be handed to them. If your kid is competing for the same funds, their odds of winning just got better.  Again, poor attitudes usually result in poor outcomes.






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