saving for college is just as important as saving for other things

CMM 035 – 3 Things Every Parent Should Know When Saving For College – Episode 35

College Smart Radio on KDOW 1220 AM

It’s time to surrender the notion that our kids could ever work their way through college; research has shown it’s no longer possible. College cost increases in tuition are consistently outpacing inflation. For those parents with kids not in high school yet, its time to face reality. It will take a combination of savings, financial aid, and smart spending that will allow your college bound teen to graduate debt free.  To help offer a road map, we have invited Beatrice Schultz of Westface College Planning, a college financial planner for parents. In addition to advising parents, she hosts the College Smart Radio Show  (one of my Top 8 Podcasts For Parents) and talks with us about the things parents can do now to help their financial situation and save for both college, and retirement.

Listen to the episode: [audio] Download The Episode: CMM 035 April 23, 2014



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The following is a Partial Transcript of this episode

Jose “JR” Vazquez – This is episode 35 of the College Money Man Podcast



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