Saving money for college is essential given the rising cost of education

ICYMI – Weekly Financial Aid Coffee Klatch – April 21 – April 25

Weekly summary coffee klatchLast week was a great week and thank you to all those who asked me questions on twitter @CollegeCashMan, and to my new newsletter subscribers.It was a short week due to a family emergency, but we did get our podcast out last week on time and well received.

Published Work

The College Money Man Podcast – Episode 

Podcasting on scholarships, financial aid, and admissions35

This week we dedicate the entire episode to saving for college and what it takes to save for your college bound teen. Beatrice Schultz, host of College Smart Radio  [audio]

Scholarship of the Week

$2500 Scholarships offered through the NRAEF Due In AprilThis one is offered by Popp and Associates, an Admissions Consulting firm. The winner will receive a college scholarship in the amount of $500, and a charitable donation in the amount of $250 will be given to the winner’s high school, college or charity of choice.





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