Win a $500 Scholarship from Popp and Associates

Show Your College Love Scholarship – Our Scholarship of the Week

Mindy popp of Popp and associates is offering $500
source: Popp and Associates

I love it when one of our interviewees offers a scholarship of their own. This weeks interviewee, Mindy Popp (@MindyPopp), of Popp and Associates is offering a $500 scholarships to Show Your College Love.  According to their page, the scholarship works as follows:


The 2014 Show Your College Love Contest is for high school seniors (Class of 2014) and current college students attending a 4-year college in the United States now or beginning in the summer 2014, fall 2014, spring 2015, or fall 2015 semesters.  Students are invited to submit photos and/or videos along with a brief text explanation of why they chose the college they plan to attend or what they love about their current college experience.

Contest submissions will be accepted until midnight EDT May 9, 2014

The winner will receive a college scholarship in the amount of $500, and a charitable donation in the amount of $250 will be given to the winner’s high school, college or charity of choice.

I say get on board and start applying now. After all you have nothing to lose and $500 to gain if you win. Good Luck!

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