Spotting Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

Parents: don’t pay anyone to search for aid for you except a financial aid professional who offers a range of services.

After reading Jill’s article from last week, one of my former students (now a College Freshman) sent me a very official looking flyer from the ‘Student Financial Resouce Center’.  It had been circulated on her campus with this claim:  For $65.00 and some sensitive information about you (like your social # and financial information), they will search for financial aid programs for college students.’   

For the record, they won’t really.  In return for your $65.00 you’ll get a ‘guidebook’  (term I’m using lightly) maybe, with a few websites like (the legitimate, and VERY free independent scholarship site that Jill mentioned), and the College Board or, all of which provide financial aid information for free. 

I understand the desperation that many students and parents may feel as they scramble to meet the May 1 deposit deadlines.  And unfortunately in their quest to leave no stone unturned, some…

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