The Start-Up Adventure Begins For

A new web-app service that proposes to help parents organize their scholarship efforts.

ScholarMama | Start-Up Blog

12 years ago, I was high school drop-out on my way to college at age 23.  I had made it my mission to return to school with a vengeance. But how to pay for it all? I wanted to avoid student loans at all costs. I had seen what debt did to other families and would have none of it.

I had taken a class in Not-For-Profit grant writing, and found out that the same skills that go into writing grants, apply to the world of scholarships as well. After a bachelors, and a master’s degree, I came out without student loans and over $250,000 in financial aid and scholarships awarded. However, one of the hardest parts about the entire effort was never the essay, or the letters of tough to organize, but important to remember, scholarships dates matterrecommendation. It was organizing the whole process. I didn’t have access to the convenient and ubiquitous calendars we now have that…

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