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Why I Am Creating A Web App for Scholarships

A good reason to create a web app!

ScholarMama | Start-Up Blog

Basecamp Saas

I was asked the other day, why make an app for just for organizing scholarships? Who would pay for that? After all, there are apps like Evernote which store info,  and Pinterest which store links in boards.

Truth be told, both those apps are outstanding at what they do! But the issue with scholarships is that the info parents gather don’t just come from the web. They come from books, and flyers, and emails from friends, as well as quiet whispers among colleagues. And organizing them can be a huge chore. There are separate dates, requirements, and items each scholarship package needs that differ from one another. However, I had to tell my friend that I wasn’t building the web app for others…

I was building it for me.

If Something Is Useful, People Will Pay

10 years ago, BaseCamp (formerly 37Signals) began selling their BaseCamp product to other…

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ICYMI – Weekly Financial Aid Coffee Klatch – April 28 – May 4

Weekly summary coffee klatchLast week was a great week and thank you to all those who asked me questions on twitter @CollegeCashMan, and to my new newsletter subscribers. Heres a summary of what I put out this week, and a couple of other funny articles.

Interesting Post

THE START-UP ADVENTURE BEGINS FOR SCHOLARMAMA.COMFeatured Image -- 2291 by ScholarMama – Now this one is interesting, as it announces a proposed web app to help parents organize their scholarship search efforts online.

Published Work

The College Money Man Podcast – Episode Podcasting on scholarships, financial aid, and admissions36

Last week, we dedicated the episode to a discussion of changes in college funding, the decline of smaller liberal arts colleges, and how this will effect merit aid. Listen to the episode: [audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode34.mp3]


Summer Before College Checklist by JLV College Counseling


Scholarships Posted

SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition Scholarship




Scholarship of the Week

SHOW YOUR COLLEGE LOVE SCHOLARSHIP – Offered by Popp and Associates, checkout their page to learn more about this $500 scholarship. Mindy Popp, founder and CEO is also our guest this week on the Podcast.

Feeling pressured to attend college

I have to agree wholeheartedly with this

Cost of College

The New York Times Motherlode column shared stories and commentary about children who are not going to college.  It started with a request by the mother of a child “whose primary interests were in creative pursuits, and who is, at best, “ambivalent” about college”. 

…  “He loves to learn but heavy-duty academics are not something he relishes, so on that front, I don’t want to push him into a four-year college where he would be miserable and we would spend what amounts to a fortune from our meager budget.” College of some kind may or may not lie in his future, and she is trying, amid some support from friends and some judgment, to feel sanguine. “It would really help to hear stories from other parents whose kids found a meaningful life with decent work, without college,” she wrote, as well as stories of what children who don’t choose college do…

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It’s Never Too Early! Start Creating Your Financial Future Now!

Plan now or pay more later!

College Smart Radio

Erasing Debt on a Chalkboard I am the ultimate warning to ANY college student or college graduate!

The big news story over the past few years has been about the student loan debt crisis and how so many college students are graduating in the red.

Well, I was not one of those students, because I was fortunate enough to graduate from college DEBT FREE with $10,000 in the bank! Most college students would look at me as the “one who made it!”, but they would have to understand that life doesn’t end at college graduation, but it is actually just starting!

Life started happening to me fast and not long after graduation I married my high school sweetheart. Shortly after we said “I do” I found out that he had $25,000 in student loan debt for just one year of college!

This number took my breath away because the entire time that we were in…

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Summer Before College Checklist

Great checklist for parents

JLV College Counseling


It is May 1st – National College Enrollment Deposit Day! You made it! I hope that you’ve sent in your deposit by now to save your spot for the fall. And, if you’ve mail the deposit, it doesn’t hurt to check in with the school to make sure they received it!

I know that the past few months have been stressful. You’ve been pouring over your college acceptance letters and financial aid award letters. You’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few months! You can finally breath a sigh of relief because you know where you’ll be going to college in the fall.

Although the hard part of choosing the college is done, there are quite a few things you’ll need to make sure you do this summer. But relax – the list below is easy compared to making your final decision on what college you’ll be…

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SPE Issues Call for #2014SPEACCE Scholarship Applications; MEDC Returns as Sponsor

Scholarship opportunity



The organizing committee for the SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (SPE ACCE) today issued its call for student scholarship applications and announced that Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC, Lansing, Mich.) is returning as sponsor of two $2,000 USD historic SPE ACCE graduate scholarships (given annually since 2007) plus a new $2,000 USD scholarship for an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a Michigan educational program (first given in 2013). Applications for all three scholarships are due July 20, 2014 and forms can be found at http://speautomotive.com/comp.htm.  Winners will be selected from a pool of qualified applicants and announced in early August 2014 before this year’s SPE ACCE show.

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