Why I Am Creating A Web App for Scholarships

A good reason to create a web app!

ScholarMama | Start-Up Blog

Basecamp Saas

I was asked the other day, why make an app for just for organizing scholarships? Who would pay for that? After all, there are apps like Evernote which store info,  and Pinterest which store links in boards.

Truth be told, both those apps are outstanding at what they do! But the issue with scholarships is that the info parents gather don’t just come from the web. They come from books, and flyers, and emails from friends, as well as quiet whispers among colleagues. And organizing them can be a huge chore. There are separate dates, requirements, and items each scholarship package needs that differ from one another. However, I had to tell my friend that I wasn’t building the web app for others…

I was building it for me.

If Something Is Useful, People Will Pay

10 years ago, BaseCamp (formerly 37Signals) began selling their BaseCamp product to other…

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