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5 Places To Search For Scholarships Locally | An Interview with Gyan Devi

Gyan Devi of ScholarshipOpportunities.org | Author of How to Find Scholarship Opportunities Online
Gyan Devi, Author of How to Find Scholarship Opportunities Online

On this episode we discuss the importance of looking both online and LOCALLY in order to find the money their students need to pay for college. 

Our main guest today is Gyan Devi (pronounced Ghee-YAHN, rhymes with “neon”, and DAY-vee)

, the author of How to Find Scholarship Opportunities Online and Scholarship Opportunities for Women. Gyan also keeps a blog at ScholarshipOpportunities.org  Gyan helps joins the show today to talk about those hidden gems out there in the scholarship world that aren’t as popular, but are very valuable when you know where to look.

Listen to the episode: [audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode14-13.mp3]



Cappex.comIn addition, we talk Chris Long of Cappex.com,  (@Cappex) sets us straight on being effective when searching online for scholarships. In addition, we answer a listeners question about their wish to attend their dream school, but its going to cost them about $134K.


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Coding Schools From a Students Perspective: J’s Coding Adventure at Bloc.io

J Terrell AllenIt’s February 26th,  2014 episode we interview J Terrell Allen (@jterrell), a student of Bloc.io (@TryBloc) about their particular teaching style, and his learning experiences at their DevSchool. In addition we discuss the Big Ten Ponzi Scheme article I wrote at my blog Git. Life. Commit..

Listen to the episode: [audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode14-9.mp3]

Download The Episode: Ep14-09 February 26th, 2014

How To Pick A Coding School: The Starter League & Learning In Person

The Starter League

[audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode14-8.mp3] <-Listen to the episode

On this February 19th,  2014 episode we interview Vincent Cabansag of The Starter League (@VCabansag) about their particular teaching style at their DevSchool, and how his time as a student there led to him eventually working there. In addition we listen to three students discuss how they approach paying for college in different ways.

Download The Episode: Ep14-08 February 19th, 2014

How to Perform Your Scholarship Search Effectively: Cappex.com & The Diamonds In The Rough

Cappex.com ScreenshotOn this February 5th,  2014 episode we interview Chris Long of  Cappex.com (@Cappex) about their online scholarship search tool we talk about what makes this one so unique and how to make the most of it.  Our scholarship of the week is The Boren Scholarship for International Studies The scholarship for students going abroad is sponsored by the Institute of international studies in Washington DC. Also we  talk to a student on how to best place their assets before signing the FAFSA.

Listen to the episode: [audio https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cmmwordpress/Podcasts/episode14-6.mp3]

Download The Episode: Ep14-06 February 5th, 2014