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How Your Social Media Posts Could Derail Your Chance At College Scholarships: Tweets of The Week


Twitter in general cracks me up. Every saturday, I now take time to curate the best and worst scholarship tweets by simply searching for the word “Scholarships“. While there are many tweets on general info, the funny ones pop up and its a lesson in bad social media management. (check out this article by Monica Matthews on online social behavior and how it affects your chances.) more after the jump…
So heres a quick rundown of the Top Five bad tweets of the week:


I often thought the same thing: Thank god twitter didn’t exist yet however. Admissions officers and judges want to see proactive people, not the unmotivated.

Nothing like the threat of a pimp slap to get judges in the mood to give you money!

I like this one,, in that she is at least being honest. You are right, if you did put in that much effort, it would likely pay off big!

I guarantee you, if you “opt-out” of the competition, you have already lost. The reason people have a chance in the first place is that they apply at all. Only then can someone decide if you are a good investment! And now, the TOP SCHOLARSHIP TWEET FAIL OF THE WEEK goes to…

Clearly, this persons priorities are in the wrong place. The college you pick is the one likely to give the best training, best record of helping student develop their skills, combined with the best financial aid package to defray costs. Those three factors should be the balancing act of decision process. Only after those three things are determined should a tie-braker ever be used to decide which one is “fun”. A post like this will not help you get the scholarships from the school, and may even prevent your admission!
However, on a more positive note…Most Positive Scholarship Tweet of the Week goes to….

20120414-115830.jpg Clearly, the positive attitude shown here will not only sustain her through school, but could offer a glimpse into her character for an Admissions Officer.

Freedom of speech, goes hand in hand with freedom of consequence. Think before you post. Again, check out this article by Monica Matthews on online social behavior and how it affects your chances. Good luck!